Yiddish Dance Orchestra Workshop  Aug 7 – 12 @Tanzwerkstatt
10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 3 – 6 p.m.

With Alan Bern, Ilya Shneyveys
(Coordinator), Gershon Leizerson, Youssef Nassif, Joel Rubin
Artist-in-Residence: Nora Thiele

In this year’s Dance Music workshop, we’ll look at diverse traditions that make up Israeli folk culture. Early Israeli folk dance and music drew heavily from both Eastern European and Middle Eastern influences. We will explore Hasidic music, Arabic music and, of course, Yiddish music and their relationships to modern-day Israel. A team of expert teachers will guide us through historical and stylistic aspects of these traditions.

The 6-day workshop is coordinated by Ilya Shneyveys and includes ensemble work, classes on style, repertoire and instrument technique, playing by ear and reading music, accompanying the dancers in the Yiddish Dance Workshop, nightly jam sessions and more! The week climaxes with a Grand Dance Ball featuring the world’s biggest klezmer (and more) dance band!

Workshop fee: Standard 405 € / Reduced 315 € / Supporter 555 € / Under 18: 180 €
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