Jam Sessions

If you're walking through the historic town center of Weimar on a summer night and you hear the sounds of Yiddish music echoing through the streets and over the rooftops, it can mean only one thing: one of the legendary Yiddish Summer jam sessions is happening right now!
Since 2001, our workshop participants meet at the end of the day to unwind with klezmer music, song and dance in one of Weimar's outdoor cafés. A favorite of Weimar residents and visitors alike, you never know exactly what's going to happen at a jam session. You can only be sure that there will be lots of music, laughter, people getting to know one another, and delicious food and drink, if you like. Jam sessions are for everybody, not just workshop participants!
Come join us in a very relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere, to listen, to dance, or to play along, and get a taste of what makes Yiddish Summer Weimar so special. See below for a full listing of jam session dates, times and venues.

Donations are welcome!

**All Jam Sessions beginn 8 p.m.**

In Weimar
Jul 17 Mon    Instrumental Music  @Divan Brauhausgasse 10
Jul 18 Tue     Instrumental Music  @Café am Markt - Eiscafé Dolomiti Markt 3
Jul 24 Mon    Song  @OMA [Other Music Academy] Ernst-Kohl-Str. 23
Jul 26 Wed    Song  @OMA  
Jul 27 Thu     Song  @Divan   
Aug 8  Tue     Dance  @Café am Markt - Eiscafé Dolomiti 
Aug 9  Tue     Dance  @Johannes-Landenberger-Schule Schubertstr. 1b     
Aug 10 Wed   Dance  @Divan 
In Erfurt >> YSW goes Erfurt
Jul 20 Wed   Instrumental Music  @Speicher Erfurt  Waagegasse 2
Jul 25 Tue    Song  @Kleine Synagoge An der Stadtmünze 4
                    (following the concert)