YSW for Kids and Teens

Are you under 18 and wondering whether Yiddish Summer events are for you, too? The answer is Yes! Kids and teens can participate in all of the workshops.

There are also workshops especially for kids and teens:
- The KADYA Jaffa <> Weimar Choir Project (June 28 - July 17)
- Festival Reporter (July 17-21)
- Youth Klezmer Band (August 2-6)
- Children's Program (August 2-6) with music, songs, games, handcrafts and more
Video message for you by clarinettist Georg Brinkmann, teacher and leader of the Youth Klezmer Band:

All of the other workshops are open for under-18s, too, if your level is right for the workshop. To be sure about that, please ask the coordinator of the workshop you'd like to join by sending an email to:
Yiddish Song: sasha@forshpil.com  
Instrumental Music Workshop: christiandawid@gmail.com
Dance Orchestra: ilya@shneyveys.com
Yiddish Language, Dance Workshop, Introduction to Klezmer & Yiddish Song, The Art of Badkhones and The Art of Storytelling, Yiddish Choir: andreas.schmitges@othermusic.eu

There are special rates for the workshops for people under-18. You'll find the fee for each workshop on the registration page.
>> For an overview of all workshops
>> To register for the workshops

We really hope you'll join us this year! If you have any questions about which workshop(s) are right for you, send an email to andreas.schmitges@othermusic.eu