Yiddish Language Classes @Musikschule
10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 3 – 5 p.m.

Whether you are interested in Yiddish language and literature for its own sake, or you’re ready to broaden your understanding of Yiddish music through learning Yiddish (highly recommended), our Yiddish Language classes are for you! In 2017 you can study Yiddish for three weeks (plus a five-day class, The Art of Storytelling, with Yuri Vedenyapin), taught by some of the best teachers and specialists in the world, and surrounded by the incredibly rich cultural program of Yiddish Summer Weimar with its jam sessions, concerts, and many other events.

We offer three consecutive week-long classes for Beginners (with Janina Wurbs), Intermediate (with Mendy Cahan), and Advanced (with Khayele Beer). The classes build on each other, and you can take all three in a row. Of course, if you only have one or two weeks free, you can take just one or two courses, according to your Yiddish language level.

If you want to take part in the third class, which is being taught this year by Dr. Khayele Beer, you will already need a good knowledge of Yiddish, or to have worked hard in the first two courses. Anyone who took part in the intermediate course last year is also very welcome to come to Dr. Beer’s class.

Our Yiddish classes are being offered in cooperation with the Seminar for Jewish Studies, University of Halle-Wittenberg. College students can receive credit for their participation. For more information about this, please send an email to: registration@othermusic.eu
For further questions please refer to course coordinator Andreas Schmitges: andreas.schmitges@othermusic.eu

Beginners  July 16 – 22
With Janina Wurbs
One of the foremost Yiddishists of her generation, Janina is an experienced teacher with loads of experience in folklore and music. She has been a part of the Yiddish Summer community for many years and we’re delighted to welcome her back in 2017. read more

Intermediate  July 23 – 29
With Mendy Cahan
We are proud to welcome Mendy Cahan to our team of Yiddish teachers! Mendy is well known all over the world for his commitment to Yiddish culture and language. He runs Yung Yidish, a community center and library with 50.000 books in Tel Aviv. He is a native speaker, a singer and actor and a passionate teacher with decades of experience. read more

Advanced  July 30 – August 4 (six days)
With Helen (Khayele) Beer
Yiddish Memoirs
After her great success in 2016 with inspired students and a fully booked class, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Beer back to Weimar in 2017!

This year’s course will concentrate on a selection of Yiddish Memoirs (Zikhroynes). read more