Festival Week Concerts

Aug 2    Wed   8 p.m. @mon ami
The Secret Tradition of Yemenite Women’s Songs

Aug 3   
   8 p.m.  @mon ami
The Heart and the Wellspring
Hasidic Music from Israel

Aug 4
   5 p.m.  @Musikschule
Final Presentation
Workshops Advanced Language Class & Hasidic Music

Aug 4 Fri   8 p.m.  @mon ami
Lenka Lichtenberg & Yair Dalal
Lullabies from Exile

Aug 5    Sat    8 p.m.  @mon ami
Gershon Leizerson & The Yiddish Blues Drifters
New Folk Outfit from Jerusalem

Aug 6    Sun    5 p.m.  @OMA
Final Concert
Workshops Yiddish Choir & Middle Eastern Music Ensemble

Aug 6    Sun    8 p.m. @mon ami
Exchange Project Haifa <> Weimar

Subject to change.