The Art of Badkhones  Jul 30 – Aug 1 @Musikschule
10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 3 – 6 p.m.

With Mendy Cahan

Following the great success of the first ever badkhones workshop in Yiddish Summer 2016, we are delighted to welcome Mendy Cahan back in 2017 to guide us into the world of the badkhn, marshalik or lets, the Yiddish jester, the master of ceremony of weddings and events. This workshop will consider the role and development of the badkhn from three points of view: historical, social and artistic.

We will explore how this role evolved in history, what function it fulfilled in Jewish society and how it influenced the development of Yiddish creativity. Connected to many aspects of Jewish life, we find the badkhn as a “subversive factor” an accomplice in the development of parody and humor. He develops tools and melodies to move his surroundings through a whole spectrum of emotions. He stands at the beginning of Yiddish poetry and song, both on the level of entertainment and of social engagement.
The other part of our encounter will be hands-on: learning from historical and contemporary badkhonim we will try to get the gist of their art and apply it into our own realms of creativity.  

This course will be run entirely in Yiddish and those who would like to participate as badkhonim will need a good knowledge of the language as well as some singing skill. If you feel that your spoken Yiddish or your singing isn't yet good enough for you to take an active part in the course, you are more than welcome to audit it, to learn about the traditions first hand and listen to the stories and melodies – which might inspire you to work on your skills and participate in the course more actively in coming years.

If you have any questions about this workshop or whether it is right for you, please contact Andreas Schmitges:

Workshop fee: Standard 225 € / Reduced 180 € / Supporter 300 € / Under 18: 150 €
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