Choir Project

KADYA is a collaboration between the Arab-Jewish “Voices of Peace” girls’ choir from Jaffa and the Weimar “Schola Cantorum.” Together, these young singers from Israel and Germany will create a program of new Yiddish children’s songs that will be the opening event of the 17th Yiddish Summer Weimar festival.

The project will center on Dr. Alan Bern’s musical settings of children’s poems by the Polish-Yiddish author Kadya Molodowsky (1894-1975). The poetry of Molodowsky, who was a Yiddish schoolteacher in Warsaw during the 1930s, is now required reading in Israeli schools – in Hebrew translation. This project will introduce the young singers to the Yiddish originals, in addition to versions in their own languages.

KADYA will be directed by Alan Bern, Yair Dalal, Shereen Daniel and Diana Matut.

Concert dates:

Jul 4 Tue 7 p.m. @Arab-Jewish Community Center Tel-Aviv Jaffa

Jul 12 Wed 6 p.m. @OMA: Meet the KADYA Youth Choir

Jul 15 Sa 8 p.m. @mon ami: YSW opening concert

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KADYA Youth Choir – call for guest families (July 8-17)

Would you be interested in hosting a member of the Israeli girls’ choir "Voices of Peace" from Jaffa during their ten-day stay in Weimar? If so, please contact andreas.schmitges@othermusic.eu.

The girls (ages 12 to 18) are coming to Weimar to work on a joint project with singers of the Schola Cantorum. The program features original songs by Alan Bern to poems by the Polish-Jewish teacher Kadya Molodowskyi. This special performance by the world’s first Arab-Israeli-Weimarian choir will mark the opening, on July 15, of the 17th Yiddish Summer Weimar.