KADYA Youth Choir
YSW Opening Concert
July 15 Sa 20:00 @mon ami
Admission: 19.50 € / 10.50 €
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KADYA Youth Choir is a groundbreaking collaborative project of Yiddish Summer Weimar and the Arab-Jewish Community Center (AJCC) in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, in cooperation with the Schola Cantorum Weimar.
This evening, a diverse group of young musicians, including veterans of the Children’s Song Workshop and members of the Schola Cantorum and the AJCC’s Voices of Peace choir, will present the results of a joint musical journey. Over the course of two weeks of intense rehearsals in Jaffa and Weimar under the direction of Yair Dalal and Alan Bern, the singers delved into a unique repertoire: a set of Yiddish children's songs composed by Alan Bern to poems by the Polish-Jewish poetess Kadya Molodowsky.

Integrating the diverse musical and linguistic heritage of the choir members, who hail from Israel and Germany and speak (and sing in) five different languages – Yiddish, Hebrew, Arabic, German and English –  the project invites everyone to discover the poetry of Kadya Molodovsky and its significance for young people of all cultural and religious backgrounds.

Join us for a moving, inspirational YSW 2017 opening concert!

Line up:
KADYA Youth Choir
Alan Bern (USA/D) - accordion, piano
Yair Dalal (IRQ/IL) - oud, violin
Shereen Daniel (IL) - voice
Diana Matut (D) - voice, choir coach