Workshop fee

Choose the workshop fee that's right for you!

Every year, Yiddish Summer brings together students and teachers from throughout the world to create a unique “Learning Community” in Weimar. We have developed our fee structure to best serve the financial needs and possibilities of our students. Therefore we offer three different fees.

Standard fee:
The standard fee is 75€ per workshop day. Starting with the fourth day the fee goes down to 60€, and from the seventh day onwards, the fee further goes down to 55€. The rebate is calculated on the basis of the total number of days you participate in workshops.

Reduced fee:
This fee is for all those who cannot afford the standard rate. The reduced fee is 60€ per workshop day. Starting with the fourth day, the fee goes down to 45€, and from the seventh day onwards, the fee further goes down to 40€ .

Supporter fee:
Music students help each other! This fee offers you the opportunity to help worthy students with limited financial means participate in Yiddish Summer Weimar. Together, three supporter fees are enough to create one scholarship for a deserving student. With a fee structure of 100€ per day, reduced to 85€ from the fourth day and reduced again to 80€ from the seventh day onwards, you are doing a good deed and directly helping your fellow musicians!

Under the age of 18:
A special rate of 180 € applies to all participants under the age of 18 for every workshop except the Yiddish Choir Repertoire and Youth Klezmer Orchestra (which are already lower priced).

If possible, we (other music e.V.) will offer partial and/or full scholarships for workshop fees for and/or living expenses, depending upon our available funds and capacity. You can find all the necessary scholarship information in the FAQs.

Please note: fee reductions are calculated based on your total number of workshop participation days. If you've registered for more than one workshop, you can calculate the cost using the table below. Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions about how to figure out your total fees! All prices below in Euros!

  1st-3rd day 4th-6th day
(15/day discount)
7th day and after
(20/day discount)
  1st day 2nd day 3rd day 4th day 5th day 6th day 7th day 8th day 9th day 10th day
Standard 75/day 150 225 (60/day) 285 345 405 (55/day) 460 515 570 625
Reduced 60/day 120 180 (45/day) 225 270 315 (40/day) 355 395 435 475
Supporter 100/day 200 300 (85/day) 385 470 555 (80/day) 635 715 795 875

(Please note! Fee reductions are already calculated in the price for workshops that last longer than 3 days. From the 7th day on, the daily price remains the same. Please feel free to contact us for help figuring out your workshop fees!)

Important: Your registration is only valid when the complete workshop fee has been received by other music e.V. You will then receive confirmation that you are officially registered. After we've received your online registration form, we will send you an email with the complete fee and bank account information within 8 work days. After we've received the fees due, we will send you a registration confirmation.