Nora Thiele (D; percussion)

Nora Thiele is considered one of the leading and most innovative specialists for frame drums and historical percussion. She is renowned for her irresistible sound, thrilling performance and empathetically teaching.

Nora Thiele is a musician who moves fluidly among work in early music, world music, jazz and improvisation. Her repertoire encompasses traditional, experimental and classical music in equal measure. Her musical work is concerned above all with sounding out the intersections, boundaries and connections among genres, epochs and cultures.

Nora Thiele, who is resident in Berlin, has given concerts in Europe, Middle East and China as a soloist and with her projects DUO ALKHAYYAT/THIELE (iraqi maqam), THE PLAYFORDS (earlymusicfolk), ENSEMBLE NU:N (moyen age /world jazz), DUO ZENKER/THIELE (world jazz), DUO SASOON/THIELE (female minimal jazz beat) and SIMKHAT HANEFESH (early jiddish songs).

Photo: Ellen Schmauss