Faculty Concert
Workshop Instrumental Music –
The Other Israel
July 16 Sun 8 p.m. @Musikschule
Admission: 19.50 € / 10.50 €
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This year, the Instrumental Music Workshop Faculty Concert, a recurring highlight of Yiddish Summer, promises to be astonishingly, marvelously, beautifully… different. The artists, some of them in Weimar for the very first time, represent a cultural diversity that goes far beyond the klezmer music style we are used to, blending Arabic and Iraqi-Jewish influences with Jewish music from Israel, Eastern Europe and other cultures. Exciting new sounds from the artists’ own repertoire meet music created especially for this evening. We recommend booking your tickets in advance!

Line up:
Moussa Berlin (IL) - clarinet
Odeleya Berlin (IL) - piano,
Alan Bern (USA/D) - accordion, piano
Yair Dalal (IRQ/IL) - oud, violin, voice
Christian Dawid (D) - clarinet
Guy Schalom (GB) - drums, percussion
Amit Weisberger (IL/F) - violin, voice