Tayfun Guttstadt (D/TUR; Ney)

Tayfun Guttstadt was born in Hamburg and plays Guitar since he is 13 years old. In the age of 19 he started to play Ney, a reed-flute and one of the main instruments of ottoman-turkish music. With teachers in Istanbul and Hamburg he studied makam and forms of the ottoman music tradition.

2011 he graduated from the University Hamburg in Musicology and Middle Eastern Studies with his thesis on the tonal system of the ottoman music.
From 2011 to 2015 he lived in Turkey and played with various musicians music from the Balkans and Anatolia. Since 2015 he lives in Berlin, studies “Religion and Culture” at the Humboldt University, teaches Ney and plays in various Turkish and Arabic ensembles.


Photo: Selim Aksan