Mark “Stempenyuk”  Kovnatskiy (RUS/D, violin)

Mark is a widely traveled and highly acclaimed violinist, composer and expert in Yiddish dances.
Mark has performed and taught at many music festivals around the world from North America to Japan.

He regularly works with the Semer Ensemble,  the Hamburg Klezmer Band, the Joel Rubin Ensemble, Fialke, the Queen Esther Klezmer Trio and the European World Music Ensemble. Mark has performed as a guest musician with Socalled (CDN) Aaron Alexander's Midrash Mish Mosh (USA), Dan Kahn and the Painted Bird" (D/USA), and forshpil (LV/RUS), among others. He teaches Yiddish music and dance internationally.

From 2009 to 2016 Mark was the artistic director of Yiddish Fest Moscow (RUS), and in 2009  of the Hamburg KlezmerFest. His klezmer compositions are played by many different groups around the world.

Photo: Svetlana Gastmann