Ingrid Petiet (NL; Children’s Program)

Ingrid has been coming to Yiddish Summer Weimar for many years to participate in the festival’s Song Workshop. She loves singing, meeting people from different countries and forging new friendships with them.
A retired teacher, Ingrid has taught Dutch for many years, mostly to children and adolescents aged 12 to 18. Given that she is a language teacher, it is not surprising that one of her favorite pastimes is reading; her other hobbies include photography, painting (in a style she modestly describes as "colorful"), leading guided tours of the synagogue in the Dutch city of Zwolle, and writing newspaper articles.
Ingrid and her husband own a dog (Jingele) and cat (Pjotr) who receive daily visits from the neighbor’s kids, who bring them snacks (and naturally expect something in return).

Photo: Yulia Kabakova