Neta Elkayam (IL; vocalist and artist)

Neta Elkayam was born in Israel to a family of Maghreb origin. Having graduated with honors from the “Key” School of Arts, she now works and lives in Jerusalem. Neta inherited from her grandmother her knowledge of Moroccan Arabic which continues to grow today through Moroccan music, brought to Israel by the large Jewish community that  migrated from the Maghreb. Inspired by North African women’s music, she enfolds in her voice Andalusian, Berber and Middle Eastern influences. She has performed with The Middle Eastern Andalusian Orchestra, collaborating with the great Moroccan Chaabi (popular Moroccan folk music) vocalists Mike Karouchi and Reymond el Badawiya, has sung on stage with well-known artists such as Maurice El Medioni and Nino Biton and has been invited to perform on stages around the world.

Photo: Amit Hai Cohen